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What type of skin do you have? Do you have dry, normal/combination or oily and acne prone skin? Does your skin vary according to the seasons? In the winter my skin can be quite dry but over the summer it is combination. Our skin isn’t always the same and is affected by environmental stresses, as well as hormonal and lifestyle changes.

At Poppy’s Natural Skincare, we are well aware of the changing nature of skin and have formulated three different Face Oils, each suited to your particular skin type. Whether you have Dry, Normal/ Combination or Oily & Acne prone skin, we’ve got you covered!

We tested between eighty to one hundred different oils, studying their fatty acid content and compositions, as well as their viscosity (their consistency). As we wanted the right oil for your skin type, it had to deliver all the key essential nutrients to the skin and be fast absorbing, light-weight and not leave any residue.

The amazing super seed chia seed oil forms the basis of all three of our formulations. In a nut shell, chia seed oil helps your skin stay looking young, it is full of skin loving essential fatty acids, which help you to look age-defying! For more information about the science behind chia seed oil please click here.

Let’s introduce you to each of our three Face Oils:

i. The one for normal and combination skin types, has added rosehip and jojoba oils and helps to restore the balance to your complexion. Rosehip is rich in omega fatty acids (3, 6, 7 and 9), which help to regenerate skin. It will help condition your skin, improve firmness and promote a clear and even skin tone, as well as help to reduce blemishes and pigmentation. With regular use, it will balance your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and radiant.

ii. The one for oily and acne prone skin, yes you did read that correctly! I know you are thinking, but my skin is already oily, why would I want to add oil to it? Well, those of us with oily skin tend to be naturally low in a type of fatty acid called linoleic acid. Our Super Clarifying Oily Oily and Acne prone oil has been formulated with safflower oil, this oil has one of the highest naturally occurring amounts of linoleic acid (around 80%). Just ask our customers, Emily and Ayesha. Emily is 16 and has acne prone skin and Ayesha has Oily skin. Click here to see what they have to say (all our reviews are under each of our products and our social media pages, to view please click the respective icons on the top of our web page).

The oily and acne prone oil is a lightweight blend that’s perfect for helping to balance oily and acne-prone skin without blocking your pores. It also has raspberry seed oil and turmeric, which all work to restore your skin’s natural balance. Turmeric contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce redness. With regular use, it will also help to remedy hormonal imbalance.

iii. Lastly, for those of you with dry skin, our age-defying blend has added camellia, borage and avocado oils and is perfect for nourishing dry skin. With regular use, it will help to heal and hydrate skin, plus restore elasticity and plump your complexion, leaving you with a radiant glow.


So if like me, your skin changes with the seasons, then that’s a fantastic opportunity to try more than one oil, and be secure in the knowledge that the formulation you are using, is specific to your skin’s requirements. It took us a long time and a lot of testing to formulate each of our oils, we don’t believe one size fits all, we take Face Oils and your skins needs very seriously. Our organic Face Oils are Vegan and have Vegan Society Accreditation and our whole skin care range is certified Cruelty Free.

Our oils are scented with the uplifting scent of neroli, or if you have allergies and would prefer the Unfragranced version, just let us know (at checkout), as always, we’ve got you covered.

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