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Want Luminous Glowing Skin?

Face Oils are the way forward...

organic face oil

1. Are you sure they won't make me break out?

2. Why do I need to use an oil?

These are usually what people think when Face Oils are mentioned.

The answers - NO to breakouts and once you start using Face Oils, your skin will look and feel better, you will probably need to use less make up and your questions will change to:

1. How did I manage without it?


2. Why didn't I use one sooner?

Oils have been used for thousands of years in the Indian subcontinent and where I am from in Bangladesh it was the norm. Every time I went back during my the summer hols, I would watch my nan (who had amazing skin) put oil on her face, body and hair. She would wash her hair in the morning to reveal gorgeous flowing locks and her skin was always glowing.

Using oil has always been part of my upbringing, but when we were back in the UK, none of my friends ever used oils. When I was younger I was discrete about my use natural products, as I was worried I may get laughed at, as my upbringing was so different from that of most of my friends. Luckily, with age I appreciate all my 'different background' has given me including the use of Face Oils, they are the basis for good skincare and I want you all to get that glow.

You will see INSTANT Results!

Face Oils are the pinnacle of Skincare Luxury. No matter what your skin type, try Face Oils for the first time and you will see the benefits to your skin straight away, as they are fast acting. The oils just sink straight into your skin and all 3 of our oils use organic chia seed as their base and this is packed with omega 3 fatty acids, polyphenols and age-defying antioxidants.

How to use Face Oils?

Use it as the basis for your skincare or add a few drops into your moisturiser.

  1. First thing in the morning: If you are new to Face Oils, to get started add a pump to your usual moisturiser. I promise the ease with which it glides onto your skin will get you hooked.

  2. Or add a pump to your foundation it will go on so smoothly you will ️love it.

  3. I use it as the base product for my face, I use 3 to 4 pumps and massage it into my skin, and then use my moisturiser (if I need to) on top. For me, I only need moisturiser during the winter, as the weather and radiators do dry my skin out. During the summer I only use my Face Oil and that's perfect for my skin.

  4. Use it in the evening: Once you have cleansed your skin and taken off your make up, add 3 to 4 pumps to your hands and spend a few minutes massaging it into your face. Massaging your skin increases blood flow and is hugely beneficial and super relaxing, especially with the heavenly smell of neroli, which just calms you down and helps you to leave behind the stresses of the day.

Then go off and do what you do and allow the oil to nourish your skin from within.

Will it cause breakouts?

No most definitely not. Our Super Clarifying Organic Face Oil for Oily skin is for yes, oily skin it has been specifically formulated with organic chia seed, safflower and turmeric oils, to help clear pores of excess sebum and reduce inflammation. As the ingredients will help you to restore the skins Natural balance from within and get you on the road to your luminous glow.

In fact, if you are using retinols or other or acne treatment, such as Retin-A, AHA peels or creams or even Accutance, as well as help your skin they can also be very drying. Face Oils help you to retain moisture and elasticity to your skin, smoothing wrinkles and soothing irritation.

The difference is our Face Oils are 100% natural and we don't use any synthetic or mineral oils, which can clog your pores.

The Purity of Oils

We use enough of the active ingredients to make a difference to your skin to help you gain all the skin nourishing benefits. Our oils are 100% organic, none of our ingredients have been sprayed with any pesticides or other chemicals. We are conscious that the oils are absorbed by our skin into our body and so do NOT add any preservatives or parabens to our products. They are delivered to you 100% in the state that nature made them.

When I was younger, I was worried about standing out for being different but as I have grown, I am proud of all that my heritage has given me, especially as now people in the west are catching up with traditions that have been in my culture for thousands of years. Why? because they know it works. Go on try it for yourself.

Our Face Oil's - Try it!

Visit our Blog on '3 Easy ways to incorporate Chia Seeds into your life'

Science behind our Ingredients click here for more information

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