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I have always had a passion for natural and organic skincare products.  When my youngest son Eesa was born, he had multiple skin conditions.  They started as cradle cap when he was a few weeks old and developed into severe eczema by the time he was eleven months old.  The consultant dermatologist recommended a cream so strong it had potential carcinogenic side effects if used long-term.  I was not willing to expose my son to this and I researched and developed a natural alternative with no side effects.


I have a background in Molecular Cell Biology and this helped me to create a line of complementary natural treatments which are suitable for all skin types and address a variety of skin conditions.  


I am passionate about the healing powers of natural ingredients derived from plants that are packed full of healing properties such as essential fatty acids, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory compounds.  These ingredients promote superior skin health as they are easily absorbed into the skin and promote cellular rejuvenation and collagen production.  In this way, they support healing and restore skin elasticity leaving you with beautiful, healthy, luminous skin.

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At Poppy’s Natural Skincare, we only use ingredients as nature intended: they are of the highest quality, preservative-free and where possible, organic. All our products are handmade in small batches and produced in the UK.  We do not test on animals and that is as essential to the character and ethos of our enterprise as is the quality of the ingredients we use. 


We believe feeling good in one’s skin begins and ends with a good skincare routine using quality natural products designed to help you get the best-looking skin.  Our skin is affected by our daily lives; sometimes we have periods of stress and at other times life is calmer.  If we establish a good skincare routine, it will remain with us and compensate for the days when we are rushed for time.  Each product within Poppy’s Natural Skincare has been carefully formulated to give you the best results for your skin’s needs.


We offer a range of products suitable for all skin types. For example, we have face oils that have been designed to help nourish and clarify oily, dry and combination skin types.  It may seem counter-intuitive to use oil on oily skin, however, research shows that oily skins tend to be low in linoleic acid.  Our Clarifying Face Oil has been formulated with high linoleic safflower seed oil, designed to naturally redress the balance by encouraging the skin to produce its own linoleic acid, as these oils are easily absorbed into the skin.


If you cannot find a product to suit your particular condition, please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the range and advise you accordingly. We want all our customers to find the right solution to achieve soft, perfectly nourished and truly glowing skin.




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