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Fragranced or Unfragranced Skincare?

We've got you covered...

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Most of the feedback from our customers, is about how amazing our products smell and how important fragrance is to them. A lot of our customers say they would buy the products 'just for the smell', as most of our range is scented with neroli oil, which is simply divine.

As Poppy's Natural Skincare came about due to my little one's eczema, I am very aware of those of us with sensitive and allergic skin. I also had eczema as a child and have sensitive skin. I love love skincare products, over the years, I have spent too much money, on most brands out there. I am seduced by clever marketing and am very ready to part with my hard earned cash, only to end up with irritated skin! I have since found out that I am allergic to linalol or linalool (same ingredient with two different spellings), which is found naturally in a lot of essential oils.

Being a natural and organic skincare brand, we offer Unfragranced versions of most of our products. We understand allergies and empathise deeply if you have them.

My sensitive skin

I have combination skin on my face and I use the Unfragranced version of our Super Nourishing Organic Face Oil with Chia seed and Rosehip. I love the nutty, earthy smell of the Face Oil and look forward to using it everyday. The blend of chia and rosehip oils work gently to perfectly balance my skin without causing irritation.

I am able to use fragrance on my body and happily slather myself in our Organic Stretch Mark Body Butter and Chia Seed Hand Butter and use the Super Hydrating Organic Lip Balm (current favourite is Tingly Cool Peppermint but it changes all the time! on my lips. I use the Bentonite Clay with Hibiscus, Neem and Turmeric, once a week. This has no added fragrance and helps to remove dead skin cells, tighten and exfoliate my skin leaving me with the perfect base for my skincare routine.

What's your preference?

The majority of our customers love the fragranced versions of our products but if like me you have sensitive skin or you would like the products for your children just look our for the Unfragranced versions or let us know at checkout and we will sort it.

Please share your skincare experiences, we are happy to listen and help.

Our Unfragranced Range - Try it!

1. Super Nourishing Organic Face Oil | Chia seed and Camellia (available as unfragranced) Dry Skin

2. Super Clarifying Organic Face Oil | Chia Seed and Safflower (available as unfragranced) Oily

3. Super Nourishing Organic Face Oil | Chia Seed and Rosehip (available as unfragranced) Normal /Combination

4. Super Hydrating Organic Lip Balm | Unfragranced

5. Soothing Neem Balm | Unfragranced

6. Super Moisturising Organic Body Butter | Unfragranced

7. Bentonite Clay with Hibiscus, Neem & Chamomile (no added fragrance)

8. Ghassoul Clay (no added fragrance)

Science behind our Ingredients click here for more information

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