Normal / Comb | Super Nourishing Organic Face Oil 30ml

Normal / Comb | Super Nourishing Organic Face Oil 30ml


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Organic Chia seed and Rosehip oils.

Perfect for Normal and Combination skins.


Protection against Free Radicals

Packed full of Vitamins A and C for Luminous Skin.

* we also do an Unfragranced version.

"We can’t always control our lives but we can adopt good skincare habits."



Our multi award winning, age-defying, ultra lightweight blend sinks straight into your skin leaving it looking smooth and radiant.

Chia seed is one of nature's most nutrient rich super foods, full of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. This has been enriched with rosehip oil, which is rich in lycopene, vitamin's A, C and antioxidants. These help cell regeneration and to brighten your skin. Jojoba oil is the perfect addition for normal/combination skin, as it helps to balance your skin. It is the oil that is closest in nature to the skin’s own sebum so effectively it is tricking your skin into thinking it has produced enough oil, allowing for the perfect balance.


This formulation is packed with nature's most powerful skin nourishing ingredients, which work to maintain and repair the structural integrity and barrier function of your skin.


Forget the myths, face oils do not cause break outs, this formula will nourish and hydrate your skin by readdressing the natural imbalance caused by hormones, environmental factors and stress in our everyday lives. Leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant with a healthy glow.


Our Fragranced version is lightly scented with the uplifting and calming aroma of organic neroli.




Directions for use

Press three or four pumps into your palms.  Now gently massage the oil into your face and neckline. Use upwards motion on the neck area.

If you are using the Fragranced version, take a few moments to inhale the calming neroli fragrance by holding your palms up to your face and taking a few deep inhalations

You can also add a pump of oil to your foundation and it will help it to glide on.




Our oils are stored in scientifically developed Miron violet glass bottles, which are designed to prolong the shelf life of the ingredients in our face oils from natural product degradation.