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" My little 2 year old boy has been suffering from severe eczema ever since he has been a couple of months old. I have tried many creams including those prescribed by dermatologists, natural dermatologists and other natural creams. No matter what I put onto his skin, half an hour later it would again be incredibly dry and cracked and no matter how many applications of cream I used, the skin would return to an incredibly dry state. It would also bleed at times too. 


As we all know the symptoms of eczema is an expression of what is going on inside the body ... this was being addressed but in the meantime the skin had to be nurtured and healed.  


As a mum with a child suffering with eczema, I was always looking for the "wonder" cream to help settle and improve the skin. I tried so many different creams and ointments but nothing made a difference. 


Then we came across Poppy's cream! The Super dooper moisturising body butter!! As soon as I opened the lid and saw a whipped pot of luxurious looking cream, I knew it could really potentially help. 


This cream melted into his skin immediately and left the skin looking hydrated and smooth. I was expecting his skin to return to a roughened look after about half an hour but it didn't. It literally kept moisturising throughout the day. The more cream I applied , the more nourished the skin became. 


After using the cream for about 2-3 weeks, boys eczema actually started to recede and the redness disappeared. The skin is no longer rough but incredibly smooth, nourished, healed and settled.

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